Welcome to the Global Citizen Scholars program at Allegheny College!  This program is premised on integrative learning across three areas – civic engagement, global learning, and U.S. diversity.  The Global Citizens Scholars program is distinctive program that bridges the curricular and the co-curricular, challenges students to step into new communities and cultures – not as an observer, but as mindful participants, and asks students to make sense of their itinerary as scholars through a digital portfolio.  

unnamed-5In turn, the digital portfolio will become a compelling way for the students to map and then show their evolution.  Through the program, Global Citizen Scholars will acquire the skills and competencies to make sensible and sensitive decisions with contextual understanding; further, they will learn how to collaborate and produce results both individually and as a group.  An important part of the program will prepare students to be active and engaged members of their local and global communities as well as in their future professional life.

Global Citizen Scholars in the program meet twice a month every semester in a 1-credit course based on reading/discussion, conversations with invited speakers from campus and the community.  They will also complete at least two semesters of language study as well as study abroad.  In addition, they do civic engagement work in the Meadville community.

The key to the program will be fostering an ongoing dialogue about the ways in which civic engagement, global learning, and U.S. diversity interface, each one leading to a fuller understanding of the others.  The outcome is students who have a clear vision of who they are in the world, an inclusive and global perspective, and the commitment to be citizen-leaders addressing the complexities of the world.